Convert Vue.js app to Native desktop app using Electron

In this post I am going to convert our Vue.js QReader app we build earlier into a native desktop app using Electron, gone are the days when if you wanted to create an app for a desktop you needed to know languages like C++, .Net or Objective C. With tools like electron you can build a fully native and cross platform for desktops using your web skills JavaScript, HTML & CSS. Let’s get started with some intro about Electron.

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Which code editor to use for web development

Which code editor to use for web development?

When it comes to IDE code editor I get pretty excited since we developer spends our most of the time using a code editor like Sublime, Atom, PHPStorm, Visual Code Studio, Brackets or more. you know what I tend always try new editors very often, this is one of thing I like. In here I am listing all of the best Code Editor / IDE which I have used. Hopefully, this will help you choose the best editor for yourself. Trust me I have used them all 🙂 Continue reading…