VueJS pagination component to paginate anything in Laravel

When it comes to listing long length data with pagination, laravel has the simplest solution to achieve it, you just call paginate() method on the Eloquent query builder and laravel will do the heavy lifting to give you paginated data. Now laravel and Vue are perfect match since Vue is the frontend framework of choice in Laravel community. In this post, we will build a component to paginate data easily from frontend using Vue.js and Laravel.

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Building front-end for Twitter Like app on VueJS

In the previous post we have built our GraphQL API using Laravel, now let’s focus on the front end and build the Twitter like app using Vue.js, Vuex & Vue router, it will be a completed SPA app, only the auth part will be taken care by laravel out of box authentication, once user logs in then we will load our single page application which we will create in this post using Vue. Continue reading…