Learn React by creating a comment app

If you are coming from VueJs background learning React can be challenging at first but If you look closer its not, I would say its easier than VueJs. React is a library developed by Facebook and has a small API. But it doesn’t mean its not powerful, it has a very big community and currently ranks #1 in user interface building libraries pack. It has lots of plugins to extend it capabilities. In this post lets get started with react by creating a comment app. Continue reading…


VueJS pagination component to paginate anything in Laravel

When it comes to listing long length data with pagination, laravel has the simplest solution to achieve it, you just call paginate() method on the Eloquent query builder and laravel will do the heavy lifting to give you paginated data. Now laravel and Vue are perfect match since Vue is the frontend framework of choice in Laravel community. In this post, we will build a component to paginate data easily from frontend using Vue.js and Laravel.

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Reusable upload component in Laravel with Dropzone.js

In this post we will create a blade component which we can reuse in any application where we want a file uploader, we will use Dropzone.js to add drag and drop uploading functionality, and laravel as a backend to store the uploaded file, It can upload an image or document which will be configurable using a config file. Let’s get started.

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